The entire Between Artists Hockaday Museum of Art Exhibition is now available for viewing with pricing and availability. Below you will find select paintings and Tabby’s thoughts about them.

Tabula Rasa

“An absence of preconceived or predetermined goals; a clean slate.

Gestural paintings are done intuitively, with the artist’s focus not on what is being painted, but how it is painted. Rather than applying paint in a controlled, premeditated way, the paint is applied intuitively, physically, and energetically onto the surface. The process is the focus, and the goal is to express rather than depict. This painting is the testament of that action, a recording of the gestures made, a visual history of an act of primal truth.

I have become intrigued with the concept of transience – the fleeting moment that is never to be repeated nor known again, “the state or fact of lasting only for a short time”. My Tabula Rasa paintings are just that; spontaneous expressions that capture a brief, now lost, moment in time. 

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