“Through the Trees”(detail)

“Sometimes when you’re making music you’re a conduit for what’s in the air.” Beck, New York Magazine, Dec 31, 2012.
I love this quote from singer/songwriter Beck for what is says about the creative process. As artists we are constantly observing and reacting to the big and small moments in life, waiting for inspiration to call or the subconscious to whisper in our ear. We live within our minds; searching, questioning, envisioning possibilities and struggling to overcome self-imposed obstacles to action. Then it begins; pen is put to paper, paint goes onto the canvas, and we become the conduit for expression of what was patiently waiting for us to show up.
The painting emerges through the fog of intention and the story begins to form and take its first breath. What was “in the air” manifests itself through the artist into something that can be seen, felt and experienced by another. The observer or reader takes the baton and continues the creative journey, using their own life’s experience to react to or interpret what is before them.

“Through the Trees” (detail)