Starting Out

Hello, Tabby. I came across your work via Radius Gallery. I would enjoy “following” your work on Facebook and sharing your work on my own homepage. I am a writer…

Hello Damon, I am so very honored that you would want to connect…

With these initial Facebook Messages in 2018 a connection was made, and a conversation between a writer and a painter began.

A painting can provide a quiet place to contemplate deeper engagements of life. Words can chart hidden feelings or emotions conveyed on canvas. Stories are told and emotions are expressed through our art, both in paintings and in prose. By combining and contrasting the two media, individuals might gain access to the experience of artists and, more importantly, through the art, to their own experience of their communities, their landscapes, and discovering, hopefully, how and where they give their attention.
It is hoped that a wider discussion and understanding of the creative process will occur. Art happens, but how does art happen? Where does it come from? Where does art take you? For Damon and me, sometimes the words inspire a painting and sometimes a painting opens a story. Self-discovery occurs, the artist creates, and they place their art into the world where others can add their voice as they interpret and experience the artists’ gift. We trust the viewer of this collaboration will add their own voice to the story, perhaps finding or feeling something within themselves as they join this journey between artists.